Golden Land vitamin C energy drinks

It contains a variety of vitamins, mineral salts, caffeine and some soothing and refreshing stimulants, but its effect is short-term. Energy drinks are drinks containing various substances such as carbohydrates (sugars), vitamins, minerals and stimulants such as caffeine, taurine (an amino acid, protein precursor), glucuronolactone (a natural substance that is created in the body from the breakdown of the simple sugar glucose). are amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins. Usually, the consumer gets a lot of energy after consuming such soft drinks, which helps the health and recovery of muscles.

By stimulating the body’s metabolism and injecting caffeine, carbohydrates and various vitamins into the body, vitamin C energy drink increases the function of the body’s organs and brings a sense of vitality and vitality in a short period of time. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties. This vitamin is also effective in improving cardiovascular diseases. It also seems that vitamin C helps the body to absorb minerals.

One gram of vitamin C per day can speed up the rhythm of the body. If you consume vitamin C, the body can eliminate the infection faster. For example, if it takes 5 days for an infection to disappear by consuming vitamin C This time is reduced to four days. On the contrary, the inability of the body to absorb vitamin C increases the intensity of the infection and its duration.

Low consumption of vitamin C can cause anemia, bleeding gums, decrease in the body’s ability to fight infections, decrease in the body’s ability to heal wounds, dry and cracked hair, inflammation of the gums, nosebleeds, weight gain due to a decrease in fuel and It causes dry and rough skin, painful and swollen joints, etc.

Vitamin B2
Fear or sensitivity to light (photophobia), burning, itching and tearing of the eyes, decreased clarity of vision, and pain and burning of the lips and tongue are among the most important symptoms of vitamin B2 deficiency. When the severity of vitamin deficiency is high, problems such as cracks and chapped lips, cracks in the skin at the corners of the mouth and cracks at the corners of the lips, skin lesions, purple swollen tongue and increased growth of capillaries around the cornea of the eye are also seen.

Vitamin B6
It plays an important role in the body, and its deficiency causes skin and nerve problems in a person, and when the person’s body does not store enough of this vitamin, they experience symptoms such as weakness, insomnia, peripheral neuropathy, inflammation of the tongue, inflammation of the oral cavity, and immune disorders. It will be cellular.

Vitamin B3
Or niacin, niacin is effective in cardiovascular health, regulating blood cholesterol, strengthening the brain, having healthy skin, preventing and treating diabetes. New studies show that excessive consumption of drugs and niacin supplements leads to side effects such as headache, dizziness and low blood pressure. This vitamin is also effective in reducing bad blood cholesterol (LDL), so some doctors prescribe it together with statin drugs to reduce blood cholesterol.

What role does vitamin C play in the body?

  • Vitamin C plays an important role in the body’s interactions.
  • Collagen production (for wound healing)
  • Resistance to body infections
  • Helping to make hormones in the body
  • Metabolism of fat, protein
  • Function of muscles and nerve cells
  • Bone formation
  • In coordinating the absorption of iron by the body

Vitamin C is found in what materials?

It is found in vegetables, fruit, juice, potatoes. The way vegetables are prepared during consumption has a great impact on the shelf life of vitamin C.

What is our daily need for vitamin C?

Our daily requirement of vitamin C for adults who are healthy and do not have any specific disease is: 110 grams per day.

Who needs more vitamin C?

  • Pregnant people
  • Athletes
  • People with special diseases

When may less vitamin C reach our body?

Usually, when people travel, less vitamin C reaches their body for a while because they spend less time consuming fruit, so at this time, your body may have less access to vitamin C and face a deficiency. who can easily use vitamin C energy drinks.

People who have strict diets and in these diets, fruits are of little importance and may even remove fruits from their diets.

When less vitamin C reaches the body, it will cause you to feel many problems in your mouth and gums, and you will also experience fatigue.

People who smoke should also increase their intake of vitamin C. Because the nicotine in cigarettes disrupts the body’s cycle, and the need for vitamin C is felt more for the resistance of the teeth and the body.

Side effects and dangers of excessive consumption of vitamin C

Complications and serious risks due to excessive consumption of vitamin C are very rare, because the body removes large amounts of vitamin C and does not store it. However, amounts higher than 2000 mg per day are not recommended because this amount causes stomach upset and diarrhea, heartburn and even kidney stones in some cases.